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The Best Night Ever - page 5
Sorry for the longer wait between pages. This past week was a bit rough on me.

Anyways, I feel like this page may require some explanation, more so than the others for sure. I always imagined that Celestia would have to feel incredible pressure to BE perfect to always make the right decisions for the sake of "harmony" for the "people" and so forth. Even if those decisions would eat away at her on the inside emotionally. this is basically her reaching the breaking point when something good happens to her she feels unworthy of it due to all the bad things she feels like she has perpetrated for the sake of harmony and stability.

I dunno, this is all just headcanon fluff in the end, so feel free to diagree, but this is just my view on things. :P I like to keep powerful figures emotionally vulnarable.
Page 4 BW
The Best Night Ever - page 3 <- Previous

Page four is up, and Twilight finally let's out her feelings, but the response she gets may not be what she hoped for...

Personally this is my favorite page so far, just because I reeaaallly like that top panel sequence. <3
The Best Night Ever - page 3
Page 3 is up, and it's starting to seem like drama may happen!

Stay tuned! Also, I have been happy to have such positive feedback on the first two pages. Sorry for not replying individually, I just have a lot on my plate currently, but rest assured all of it makes me very happy!
The Best Night Ever - page 2
The Best Night Ever - page 1 <-  ->

Here’s page 2 for the comic "Best Night Ever" a Twilestia comic, and my first attempt at making a comic strip. I’m putting out the first two pages today and will continue putting up pages every few days from here on. So keep your eyes peeled!
The Best Night Ever - page 1
-> The Best Night Ever - page 2

So… with a little bit of anxiety on my part, I present to you "The Best Night Ever" a twilestia comic, that I am working on.

Now, I am not much of a writer, so I don’t imagine any of this will be that new to most people, it’s just that I have wanted to bring forth my own views on this story for a loooong time now. Just recently I have felt confident enough to start writing this. I hope you guys will enjoy it. It’s going to be B&W simply because if I tried to colour all of it, we’d still be here after the heat death of the universe waiting for me to finish the pages.

Anyways, I hope you will like it!


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Hello everyone. It's been a long while hasn't it? I feel almost a sense of trepidation in posting again, it feels almost alien to me after such a long time.

This journal is probably gonna be a bit long, so as a TLDR for people, clinical depression is terrible and can make your life feel empty, but with pateint care and love you can bounce back. Expect some new art from me in the next few days. For those interested, read on.

I couldn't tell you what happenned this summer. I feel like something inside me broke, and years upon years of suppressed depression and anxiety got dumped on me all at once. I lost my grandmother this past June, and I believe her passing was a trigger inside me. After that time, I simply stopped drawing. I have gone for almost five months not drawing a single image. Not one thing. For me that was a terrible thing, and I doubt I can accurately convey what sort of existential horror the lack of art in my life gave me.

I have drawn and been active as an amateur artist since I was fifteen, almost half of my entire life. I can say that I have had few days in those years that I have not touched a pencil, or worked on some piece or other. But for five whole months? That was crushing. Entirely defeating. Everything I loved and everything I aspired to felt hollow. I felt like my life was just coasting along day to day without any meaning or content. I have always thrived on bringing a smile to someone. Even if all I can ever amount to is a middling fan-artist, every single person who has ever given me a nice comment, every single person who I have ever made smile gave me hope. But for five whole months I lost all of that.

I sank into a cycle of self-hate and utter loss of purpose. I felt like I would never get out of that cycle. Money, work, the very act of day-today living was extremely difficult. I had many days that I simply couldn't leave my bed due to me just feeling so utterly without purpose.

Thankfully, I was not as alone as I thought.

Thanks to the love and care of my wife (who deserves more credit for my sanity and health than I think I can ever give her) my family and some well-deserved medication. I have slowly clawed my way out of the mire.

I can't say that I am better. Not yet. I still cannot fall asleep without sleeping medication, as I will frequently just wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, or just never fall asleep. I still take anti-depressants and struggle on many days to be productive and feel confident in my abilities again. It's still gonna be a long time until I feel the same satisfaction I used to from my work. But I want to keep working on it, and I want to keep on trying.

I feel a little embarassed, to spill my heart like this, but I feel like it's important. To me personally. For all of my friends and followers, I'm sorry for vanishing, for those I won't see again because I was gone for so long I thank you for all of your support. For those of you who I will see again and who choose to stick around with me, Thank you. Your support means the world to me.

I hope I can still provide people with something different in my own little way, in my own little niche.

Look forward to more from me in the future, because I refuse to give up.



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