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Rarity's Secret - Luna V2.0 by Longinius-II
Rarity's Secret - Luna V2.0
Finally got this finished, and the colours for it make me very happy. :D I went ahead with a lot of shiny lighting and textures for her outfit and her mane. I wanted to try a new way of presenting the more aetherial qualiries of her hair, since i have always before just made it look very much like normal hair instead of the "cloud" that it is in the show. So I think this is a happy medium.

I hope you guys like it, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've been very slow lately at colouring and drawing in general, but I hope to be more productive later on, when me and the wife get more settled down. :D
Rarity's Secret - Luna V.2 by Longinius-II
Rarity's Secret - Luna V.2
And rarity's secret returns, with the one pony I kind of always wanted to re-draw. Our wonderful Princess of the Night Luna. <3

I hope you guys like this rendition, I wanted to do something very lavish, and seductive but still a bit subdued on the sexy side, like how Fluttershy's design was. So I stuck with the similar bodysuit idea, just making the general cut different and of course the designs and details.

Colour will be coming soon!
Commission - Star of the Beach by Longinius-II
Commission - Star of the Beach
Commission for :icontheoneamongothers: of their OC Star Dancer.

I had a much longer description, but DA crashed, and I can't be arsed to re-write it. =___=
A Night Like No Other by Longinius-II
A Night Like No Other
Here's the big one, the pic I teased people with before I left to the tsates, now finally in glorious colour. this one was a lot of experimentation with lighting and trying to create a mood in the piece. I like how it looks, though definitely there's still a lot I could improve on in future pics.

Also, in support of one of my favorite ships. I always like seeing these two happy so it made me feel good every time I was working on it. <3 So I hope you guys enjoy it. :D
Child of Night by Longinius-II
Child of Night
Aaah, it's nice to post some artwork after a looongf pause. And this one is a really nice pic. :D
The colours for Flutterbat we're a lot more muted and gray-scale compared to her normally, but adding some blue tones to it definitely made it look more vibrant without losing the spectral feel of her design. :D

Also, shiny apple is shiny.

For the background, I really enjoyed trying to paint the suggestion of a moon behind dark forbidding clouds. It was surprisingly fun and easy, I might try the technique in a more full-background style image in the future. I really like how the text came out too, but wasn't able to decide wether to keep it or not, so for you who would want the pic without it, here is a text-free version. :D

Hope you guys like it!


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So yeah, hi guys.

Been a really long avsence, and I'm sure my activity won't be fully restored for a bit. turns out moving people into another country is a lot of work, unforeseen stress and learning. Who knew? All kidding aside, I am bursting with happiness with my wife finally living with me in Finland. For her the transition will undoubtedly be difficult and take a long time, but slowly we're working on it, and she is doing a great jpb so far!

I will do my best to start putting up new art soon, and I hope to talk to you guys more again. :D

I was also delighted to see my name on an EQD artist spotlight, I'm always honoured to be mentioned anywhere, so that was a real surprise!

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Don't know if you've seen this yet, but you've been featured on Equestria Daily. And I totally agree with everything they say:…
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Ahaha, I'm just getting back on track with my updates since my trip abroad, so I am more than happy to see that!
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This is super awesome, Ville. You and Chantally will love this. <3 Maybe it will give her some great new ideas for her own art.
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I love your pencil artwork!
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Your art is just godlike. Like, GODLIKE.
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Hey, man! I'm really diggin' your work! :love:

Keep up the Awesomeness, I'll be watching for more. :D
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Thank you very much, I will do my best to keep it up. :D
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Damn it! Forgot your birthday... anyway, happy belated birthday, neighbor.
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