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August 15, 2013
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Together We Rule by Longinius-II Together We Rule by Longinius-II
In Harmony we are United. Tgether now and forever, sisters until the end of time.

We are Luna and Celestia, and Together We will Rule Equestria!


AND I AM DONE! LAdies and gentlemen! I present to you the best thing I have ever frigging drawn...

You have no idea how happy I am about this... And again it perplexes me that a pic that started out as two seperate sketches of Luna and Celestia, turned out to be THIS good? Man, I would have never guessed...

I can't choose my favorite, I never will be able to. I love both Luna and Celestia equally. They only have eachother in the end to really hold eachother. Sisterhood is so good, even after all the adversity they have had to face, I am sure that they have become stringer, and with that Equestria has grown s tronger with their guidance.

As for the pic itself, I don't even know what to sya really... I am most happy with their crowns and vestments. They are very different in decoration, but still have the same style as if they we're created by the same craftsman ages ago for them.

I hope you guys like this too, since I think it is by far my best work yet. <3
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This... how do I explain this?

First of all, this is my first critique I've ever written. You'll have to excuse me if I gush a bit, because this is nothing but perfection. Give me a moment to explain, and I'll tell you why I can't give this anything but the full complement of stars. I don't know why no one else has done something on this before, but I sure will.

Here goes nothing.

The lines, first of all. That line art must have been painstaking to do, and I commend you for it. Clean, sharp, precise, yet elegant and flowing. This shows itself exceptionally well in the hair as well as any accessories in it, such as ribbons, jewelry, the crowns they wear, and even the way it seems to move without moving.

Now I don't have a favorite pony between these two, but this is my absolute favorite rendition of Luna. It's possibly the most detailed and expressive portrayal of her I've ever seen, the face that launched a thousand ships and appears in many a dream. The stars in her hair are an amazing detail that few get right, and her regalia has a unique flair to it that not too many dare to attempt.

This does not look like you started it with two separate pieces of art in mind. It looks planned, deliberate, as if you wanted this to happen all along. I think, in the end, that you did. And even if you did not, thank you for putting these two in one place.

Back to the details.

The eyes... my GOD their eyes! I almost want you to do something with these two facing the 'camera' head-on, because you did those eyes so well in portrait! This should be an example in every art classroom of how to work an eye design in dramatic fashion. To be honest, the hair wasn't even the first thing I saw; it was their faces, specifically their eyes. It seems so simple, but it's really so detailed that I can't get past it without a whole paragraph dedicated to it. Highlights, shadows, lashes, makeup, the whole business makes this feature a definite draw.

I'd go into a bit more detail, but I'd be stuck here all day.

One thing this reminds me of, except in more incredible fashion and detail, is Equestria Prevails and his portrait of the sisters side-by-side. Everyone's done at least one "Celly and Luna in the same place" picture, in fact.

But the reason I gave this five stars on vision and originality is because... well, there's absolutely nothing like THIS.

From the unique take on the regalia, to the painstaking attention to detail, this is something I would buy, enlarge to poster-size, mount on a canvas and hang on one of my walls.

Do another, if you ever have the time. One of the Mane Six and their Elements. You would do them justice, seriously. Whether you want to have Twilight in her Princess regalia or not is up to you, but she has to have wings. You did this so well that I think you'd pull that one off too.

Make. It. Happen.
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O my god........ I do not know what to say about this .... this is too .... amazing! the definition of perfection in every way and aspects, not exite not a single fault, absolutely no, this is a piece of art incredibly attractive and colorful, the shading is excellent, the lines are perfect, gloss, hair, everything ! I love this and will definitely be one of the best with this style so unique and beautiful, and it's always an honor to make this criticism.
we want more of your masterpieces and we want more of your incredible talent as an artist elite, is a great honor as always, and I am very happy to be one of your watchers!

Thank you for this drawing spectacular, and we expect more in the future!:clap:
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ugh you do make them both look sooo good ♥_♥ .....
gaiatheleafeon Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hate MLP but I LOOOOOVE your artwork! :O It's freaking awesome! it's like I'm not even looking at MLP!
Longinius-II Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm happy that you like my work, even if the subject matter isn't your thing. :D
MLPegasis4898 Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is really beautiful!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
HorseAdict Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O.O!!! I'm nerding ALL over the floor!!!!
There is so much detail put into this artwork. It looks absolutely amazing! I bucking love it =D
Excellent.  A beautiful piece of two beautiful sisters.  :love:
They are just RADIATING regalness!
Longinius-II Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Thank you, happy that you liek it. :D
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